Yahoo Media Player beta version is available

It turns out that Yahoo Media Player is not abandoned project after all. Last week it was announced that beta version is available for testing at Here is a note from developers:

We’ve added some new stuff like video support. The player can now play YouTube videos and movie trailers – just add a YouTube link or Yahoo! Movie page link to your page. And, at long last, we’ve added a seek slider to control the position of the audio or video! That bug where songs were stopping instead of pausing when clicking pause has been fixed, as well as a bunch of other small bug fixes.

Here is the new code you will need to embed on your site to test this out (remove the other player JavaScript first):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Lake of Tears: Demon you / Lily Anne
Anime “Red thread”
Top 50 Songs of the 90s in under 9 Minutes

This announcement was posted in Yahoo! discussion group at Feel free to post examples of how you are using the player on your site to this group.

  • herisuryatno says:

    How to use in full-screen mode?

  • Well. In my opinion Yahoo media player is perfect regarding our needs. So, I always suggest my customers to try it.

  • Hernan says:

    I need to know how to hack the position of the playlist, because unlike the other version, in this one shows the playlist outside the width of the strip.